It is possible to use the automatic boiler with the BENEKOV C 17 container for heating homes, administrative buildings and other premises, where the demand for heat performance does not exceed 19 kW. It is a boiler for solid fuel (coal, woodchips). This automatic boiler has a container with a volume of 330 L.

Power19 kW
Fuel container capacity330 l
Class of boiler4. Třída
Energy performance classA +
Electric input30 W
Dimensions1279 x 1036 x 1399 mm (Width x depth x height)
Weight340 kg
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Boiler features
  • The automatic BENEKOV C 17 boiler for solid fuel (coal, woodchips) for heating homes, administrative buildings and other premises, where the demand for heat performance does not exceed 19 kW.
  • The ideal model for the ENERGY EFFICIENT BENEKOV BOILER ROOMS concept.
  • The control unit with modulation of performance and equithermal regulation comes as standard in this boiler. This saves up to 15% of fuel costs, especially in the transition periods of spring and fall. 
  • The certified fuels are brown coal nut 2, a mixture of brown coal nut 2 and wooden pellets and wooden pellets alone. Thanks to the modulation of performance, the boiler achieves excellent effectiveness above 90% in the whole range of the performance for both fuels.
  • 3-thrust construction of the vertical exchanger guarantees high efficiency. It is sufficient to clean the unit once every 4 to 6 weeks. 
  • In the PREMIUM version, the designer doors of the boiler unit do not come as standard. The EXCLUSIVE version includes design covering doors of the boiler units and also enables remote access to the boiler via Internet.
  • The control unit enables the control of 2 heating circuits.
  • It is possible to purchase a wide range of accessories for these automatic boilers, like for example, a de-asher, an automatic cleaning exchanger, a back-up power source, a chimney valve, etc.
  • For a high quality solution of the whole heating unit, we recommend hydraulic components, which are stated in the Technical documentation for the installation of Benekov boilers.
  • If the boiler is installed according to the Technical documentation for installing Benekov boilers and the hydraulic components, as defined by the manufacturer, are used, the boiler has an extended 5 year warranty.
  • The greatest guarantee of reliability of the used fixtures during installation are the ones used directly from the manufacturer.
  • For operating the boiler, we recommend using Ridepal fuel from Ridera, which is available all over the Czech Republic. When burning woodchips, we recommend using BIOMAC woodchips, also available all over the Czech Republic.
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Operating a boiler

On average, it is necessary to service the boiler for 10 minutes a day. The fuel container enables service-free operations for a period of 3 to 7 days.

If coal is burned, it is necessary to remove the ashes once every 3 to 7 days. If woodchips are burned, it is necessary to remove the ashes once every 3 to 5 weeks. The intensity of ash removal depends on the quality of the fuel used and the boiler series.

As with our other products, everyday operation of the boiler is ensured by an emergency thermostat, which serves to protect the heating system against over-heating. The motor of the screw conveyor of the feeding system is equipped with a thermo-fuse against overloading. The safety fuse secures the boiler fuel burning into the fuel container during longer periods of a power outage.

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Connecting a boiler

Suitable connections are defined in the Technical documentation for the installation of BENEKOV boilers.

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Technical Information
Weight kg 340
Water capacity dm3 70
Chimney diameter mm 145
Heat transfer surface m2 2,16
Fuel container capacity dm3 330
Boiler dimensions: width x depth x height    mm 1279x1036x1399
Size of the fuel container filling gap mm 600x340
Class of boiler acc ČSN EN 303-5 4
Working water overpressure bar (kPa) 2,0 (200)
Tested water overpressure bar (kPa) 4,0 (400)
Recommended working temperature of heating water °C 65 - 80
Lowest temperature of incoming water °C 60
Hydraulic loss of the boiler
∆ T = 10 K mbar 4
∆ T = 20 K mbar 1,6
Noise level dB < 54,7 +,- 3,2 dB (A)
Chimney draught mbar 0,10 – 0,15
Boiler connectors
- heating water Js G 1”
- return water Js G 1”
Connecting voltage 1 PEN 230 V/ 16 A / ~ 50 Hz   
Electric input at nominal power W 30
Electric protection IP 20

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Documents available for download

Documents available for download


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