An industrial boiler for coal and wood pellets with almost zero emissions of dust. Suitable for heating of industrial production halls and objects of civil amenities with thermal loss up to 250 kW.

Power250 kW
Fuel container capacity1000 l
Class of boiler5th Class
Energy performance class
Electric input430 W
Dimensions2586 x 3710 x 2215 mm (Width x depth x height)
Weight4167 kg
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Boiler features
  • The boiler BENEKOV C 250 demonstrates seasonal dust emissions of mere 3 mg/m3 in coal combustion (the Ekodesign standard requires 40 mg/m3).
  • The boiler utilizes one universal burner which can burn both brown coal and wood pellets.
  • The thickness of the metal plate of the combustion chamber walls is 8 mm.
  • The control unit Siemens is capable of controlling two independent heater power circuits and allows for distant online control.
  • Boiler draught is regulated by an outlet fan according to a pre-set parameter of underpressure in the combustion chamber.
  • The boiler consumes for its operation 130 - 430 W of electric energy, including all secondary devices.
  • BENEKOV C 250 may be delivered also in a form of a mobile boiler-room, which is connected to the interchanger inside a building through an external energy channel. 
  • Average repayment time of the entire investment (in case of transfer from gas) is three years, calculated in current prices.
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Connecting a boiler

Recommended connecting diagrams can be downloaded from our web pages.

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Technical Information
Weight kg 4167
Water capacity dm3 1100
Chimney diameter mm 250
Fuel container capacity dm3 1000
Boiler dimensions: width x depth x height mm 2586x3710x2215
Size of the fuel container filling gap mm 997x1350
Class of boiler acc. ČSN EN 303-5 5
Working water ovepressure bar (kPa) 2 (200)
Tested water overpressure bar (kPa) 4,0 (400)
Recommended working temperature of heating water °C 65 - 80
Lowest temperature of incoming water °C 60
Hydraulic loss of boiler  
Noise level dB 50 ± 3
Chimney draught mbar 0,20 – 0,30
Boiler connectors    
- heating water       Js G 3”
- return water Js G 3”
Connecting voltage   400V / 16A / ~ 50 Hz, TN-S
Maximal electric input W 1409
Electric protection   IP 20
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Documents available for download

Documents available for download


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