Hot-water boiler BENEKOV C77 is designed for heating medium-sized objects - shops, schools, guest houses, office buildings, plants and other objects, whereas the thermal loss of these objects does not exceed 75 kW.

Power75 kW
Fuel container capacity500 l
Class of boiler4. Třída
Energy performance class
Electric input389 W
Dimensions1752 x 1614 x 1857 mm (Width x depth x height)
Weight1300 kg
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Boiler features
  • automated operation of the boilers
  • mechanical feeding of fuel from an in-built feeder to the combustion chamber
  • operation and maintenance are simple and not time-consuming
  • low operating costs
  • modulation of the thermal output in the entire effectiveness scope
  • low emissions load for the environment
  • three-pass boiler body construction ensuring high efficiency
  • the boiler, including the boiler body, consists of several smaller parts, which makes its transportation on-site and installation easier
  • modern design
  • control unit Siemens Climatix with possibility of internet connection
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Operating a boiler

Similarly to other products of ours, safety operation of the boiler is guaranteed by an emergency thermoregulator, which serves to protect the heating system against overheating. The engine of the snail feed device is equipped with a thermal safety fuse to avoid overloading. Safety thermal fuse safeguards the boiler against fire penetration of the fuel into the fuel reservoir in case of a longer electric power cut. 

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Connecting a boiler

Recommended connecting diagrams can be downloaded from our web pages.

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Technical Information
Weight kg 1300
Water capacity dm3 290
Chimney diameter mm 200
Heat transfer surface m2 9,1
Fuel container capacity dm3 500
Boiler dimensions: width x depth x height mm 1752x1614x1857
Size of the fuel container filling gap mm 610x1196
Class of boiler acc. ČSN EN 303-5 4
Working water ovepressure bar (kPa) 2 (200)
Tested water overpressure bar (kPa) 4,0 (400)
Recommended working temperature of heating water °C 65 - 80
Lowest temperature of incoming water °C 60
Hydraulic loss of boiler  
∆ T = 10 K mbar 4
∆ T = 20 K mbar 0,9
Noise level dB 50 ± 3
Chimney draught mbar 0,08 – 0,13
Boiler connectors    
- heating water       Js G 2”
- return water Js G 2”
Connecting voltage   1 PEN 230V / 16A / ~ 50 Hz
Maximal electric input W 389
Electric protection   IP 20

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Documents available for download

Documents available for download


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