Automatic boilers for wooden pellets

If wooden pellets are the clear choice for you when it comes to fuel, you are in the right place. We have prepared a wide selection of automatic boilers with wooden pellet storage tanks. Whether you are looking for a smaller boiler, which is ideal for apartments with low energy loss, or you need to equip a larger space, our boilers are here for you. The performance of Benekov automatic boilers range from 19 to 99 kW. You can also connect the automatic pellet boilers in a cascade manner, where you can reach a total performance of up to 400kW.

Easy Service and Maintenance

We highlight the easy, time efficient service and maintenance of all boilers in our collection. The frequency of ash removal ranges in time intervals of several weeks. The wooden pellet storage tank enables wood to be added for days. Some models offer up to 7 days of service-free operation. It is sufficient to clean the heating unit once every 4 to 6 weeks. If manual cleaning of the heating unit and removal of the ashes is not preferred, it is possible to buy a wide range of accessory equipment along with selected models of automatic boilers for wooden pellets, such as: a de-asher, automatic cleaning of the exchanger, a back-up source, chimney valve, lambda probe, etc. Some accessories already come with the boiler as standard.

Equipment of Boilers for Wooden Pellets

Automatic boilers for wooden pellets are equipped with several useful safety elements, including, for example, an emergency thermostat, which protects the heating system from over-heating. The thermo-safety guard protects the screw feeder motor from overloading. The safety fuse secures the boiler against the complete burning of fuel into the storage tank during extended electrical power outages. 

The Siemens Climatix control unit delivers excellent performance for selected automatic boilers for wooden pellets. The Siemens unit enables the control of 2 heating circuits. It contains equitherm regulation and provides the user with the possibility to remotely control the boiler via the Internet. 

Boiler Warranty

If the automatic boiler for pellets is installed according to the Official Technical documents for installation of Benekov boilers and the hydraulic components defined by the manufacturer are used, an extended warranty of 5 years is provided. 

Benekov - firma s tradicí

Zkušenost, inovace, flexibilita, komunikace a moderní řešení šitá na míru našim zákazníkům. To je Benekov, výhradně česká firma s tradicí od roku 1949.

Nejlepší dostupné
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na českém trhu
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po celé ČR
Česká firma
a tradice
od roku 1949
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a vývoj

Moderní technologie Benekov

Využíváme nejmodernější technologie. Nabízíme nejlepší technické řešení na českém trhu. Máme vlastní výzkumné a vývojové středisko.

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